TableTools 2.2.3

DataTables CDN files for TableTools 2.2.3. This software was originally released on 4th September, 2014.

Release notes

This is a minor release of TableTools, but adds the ability for TableTools buttons to be fully keyboard navigable. This means that Editor, in combination with TableTools can how have all actions performed via keyboard only. A few bug fixes are also included in this release.


  • New: Keyboard navigation support for TableTools using the tab index specified by DataTables (0 is the default)
  • New: mColumn can now be given as a function to allow the column selection to be dynamically altered during run time.
    • The function takes a single argument, the DataTables settings object, and is executed in the TableTools instance's scope.
    • It returns an array of column indexes to be included in the output.


  • Fix #48: bSelectedOnly option was not working in 1.10.
  • Fix: Potential security attack (#57). Ensure that only an integer is given as the id for an element
  • Fix: Updates to the latest Flex SDK path