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The DataTables Content Distribution Network (CDN) is a free service provided by SpryMedia Limited. It is designed to let content authors easily include DataTables and its extensions in web-sites and web-applications.


Privacy is key for the DataTables CDN so web-site owners can make use of its services without exposing customer information:

  • We do not track users of the server (e.g. via cookies)
  • No personally identifiable information is stored for longer than required to process the request
  • No advertising is used on the site
  • We do make use of CloudFlare (CloudFlare's privacy policy) as an edge caching service, to improve the reliability and speed of the network.


Policy application

This Policy applies to SpryMedia's collection, use, and disclosure of the information of the following categories of individuals:

  • Developers: Individuals who visit our CDN pages directly to get information (e.g. URLs) to include on their own site.
  • End users: Individuals who visit our customers' websites and whose information we process in order to provide the CDN service.

This Policy does not apply to our customers' websites, which may have their own terms and privacy policies.

This website does not knowingly target children, or collect personal information from children. As a parent/guardian, please contact us if you believe your child is participating in an activity involving personal information on our website, and you have no received a notification or request for consent. We do not use your supplied contact details for marketing or promotional purposes.

Information we collection

  • Developers: If a request is made to generate a new CDN package, this information is logged for the package to be created. Existing packages may be served from the cache services (CloudFlare) in which case only aggregation data is stored.
  • End users: Only aggregation data is stored about end user requests for information. Personally identifiable information (e.g. IP address) is used only for the duration of the request.

How we use information we collect

Information collected by the CDN servers is primary used to ensure that the network remains balanced and stable. It allows optimisation of caching techniques to ensure that content is served as quickly as possible to end users.

Information sharing

We use third-party caching services to provide the CDN service. These services may access our data solely for the purpose of performing specific tasks on our behalf. We do not share any personally identifying information with them without your explicit consent. We do not give them permission to disclose or use any of our data for any other purpose.

We will refuse government and law enforcement requests for data if we believe a request is too broad or unrelated to its stated purpose. However, we may cooperate if we believe the requested information is necessary and appropriate to comply with legal process, to protect our own rights and property, to protect the safety of the public and any person, to prevent a crime, or to prevent what we reasonably believe to be illegal, legally actionable, or unethical activity.

We do not otherwise share or supply personal information to third parties. We do not sell or rent your personal information to marketers or third parties.

Data aggregation

SpryMedia may aggregate data we acquire about our customers and their end users. Non-personally identifiable, aggregated data may be shared with third parties.

Data security, integrity and access

We take all reasonable steps to protect information we receive from you from loss, misuse or unauthorised access, disclosure, alteration, and/or destruction. We have put in place appropriate physical, technical, and administrative measures to safeguard and secure your information, and we make use of privacy-enhancing technologies such as encryption. If you have any questions about the security of your personal information, you can contact us at

Notification of changes

If we make changes to this Policy that we believe materially impact the privacy of your personal data, we will promptly provide notice of any such changes (and, where necessary, obtain consent), as well as post the updated Policy on this website noting the effective date of any changes.

Business transactions

We may assign or transfer this Policy, as well as information covered by this Policy, in the event of a merger, sale, change in control, or reorganisation of all our part of our business.

Your rights and responsibilities

As our user, you have the right to be informed about how your data is collected and used. You are entitled to know what data we collect about you, and how it is processed.

Feel free to contact us if you have any concerns or questions about how we handle your data and personal information.

SpryMedia Limited Data Controller:

  • Allan Jardine -

SpryMedia Limited Data Protection Officer

  • Allan Jardine -

This policy is effective as of 24 May 2018.