TableTools 2.2.0

DataTables CDN files for TableTools 2.2.0. This software was originally released on 28th January, 2014.

Release notes

Like the other releases this week, this release of TableTools is all about the harmonisation of the DataTables extensions, with common file names, directory structure and access options. There are a couple of new features, but this is primarily a 2.x release due to the file name change.

New features

  • New: bower support - using the name datatables-tabletools
  • New: Readme file
  • New: AMD module loading - TableTools is now available as the named module 'datatables-tabletools'
  • New: License updated to be MIT licensed
  • New: Integration with DataTables 1.10 and common module building / naming
    • TableTools file is now dataTables.tableTools.[js|css]
    • Directory structure simplified like the other extensions
  • New: os style row selection.
    • TableTools now supports a fourth row selection option (in addition to none, single and multi) which is 'os' - Operating System like selection. This allows a range of rows to be selected by shift clicking, rows to be added and removed from the set using ctrl / cmd click and single row selection on an unmodified click.
    • This feature was sponsored by Mangosoftware UK Ltd
  • New: Add oSelectorOpts option for buttons to control which data is to be used from the DataTable
    • The data get function has been rewritten to use the DataTables $ method to get the rows that will be used for data output (copy to clipboard, save to file etc).
    • The key reason for doing this is that the $ API method of DataTables has options to allow control the order or rows and what rows are included (paging and filtering). This is exposed as the new oSelectorOpts option.
    • See$ for the full options


  • Fix: Errors picked up by JSHint - couple of leaking variables and whitespace issues
  • Fix: TableTools with Flash buttons didn't work on XML pages because the flashvars attribute wasn't correctly encoded - 16257
  • Fix: Some button plug-ins might not have the sTag or sLinerTag options set - provide defaults