TableTools 2.1.4

DataTables CDN files for TableTools 2.1.4. This software was originally released on 16th September, 2012.

Release notes

This latest release for TableTools is primarily a bug fix release that focuses on improvements to the selection API, and specific how the pre and post select callbacks operate. They are no provided with a lot more information about what rows are being selected / deselected. There are also other bug fixes such as an issue with exporting data which has HTML entities in it and print view with scrolling and server-side processing enabled.

  • New: Updates for the pre-select and post-select methods. The pre-select now gets three parameters: 1. event that triggered the select (can be undefined!), 2. nodes to be selected or unselected, 3. boolean flag to indicate if selection (true) or deselection (false). The post-select now gets two parameters: 1. nodes that were selected or unselected, 2. boolean flag to indicate if selection (true) or deselection (false)
  • Update: Add an additional parameter to the 'select' callback to tell the callback if the row was selected or not.
  • Fix: If the table was redrawn when in print view (for example with server-side processing enabled) the DataTables scrolling method would cause the header to be hidden. Need to add the header back in when that happens.
  • Fix: Make the deselection less agressive for select none. Only currently selected nodes are now deselected.
  • Fix: Selected and Deselected rows should be passed to the callback / events as arrays of the collection of rows that were selected, deselected - 11674.
  • Fix: Performance improvements in _fnHtmlDecode - 11584 - courtesy of randomuser.
  • Fix: When an HTML entity was in the last 8 characters, it got chopped off because we didn't do anything with `sInner` in the _fnHtmlDecode loop - 11584