TableTools 2.1.3

DataTables CDN files for TableTools 2.1.3. This software was originally released on 9th August, 2012.

Release notes

This is a bug fix release of TableTools that primarily addresses issues with the button collections which were broken in 2.1.2. There are other minor changes as well, but there is one new feature worth noting - fnSelectAll and fnSelect none can now optionally take an argument to indicate if they should consider all rows or only filtered rows (i.e. it is now super easy to have a "Select all filtered rows" button). This compliments the ability of fnSelect and fnDeselect to take a node, array or jQuery object for which rows to select / deselect.

  • New: fnSelectAll and fnSelectNone now have a single (optional) parameter that can be given to limit the [de]selection to only the rows which match the current filtering.
  • Update - examples: Update the plug-in button example to use the new TableTools.buttonBase object, extending that.
  • Fix: Typos in documentation comments and general code comments.
  • Fix: Collections were broken due to positioning misalignment - the new structure means that we can actually simplify the positioning a lot - simply make the buttons position:relative and then the flash container, since it is now inside those elements, position:absolute top:0 left:0 and only the height and width need be changed - 10721
  • Fix - examples: The DataTables web-site needs the formatting of the CSS includes to be @import rather than in order to add its own styling.