TableTools 2.1.2

DataTables CDN files for TableTools 2.1.2. This software was originally released on 20th June, 2012.

Release notes

TableTools 2.1.1 had a problem with the buttons that were used and how they combined with the Flash buttons - specifically the click event was being swallowed by the button tag, and thus Flash export / copy commands were not working. This is resolved in this release by making use of the TableTools option to change the button tag to an A (link) tag. This allows the Flash element to be correctly embedded in the link and used as required, while still allowing all of the features of TableTools 2.1. It is worth nothing however that you may need to update your CSS to take account of this change since A tags are used rather than BUTTONs.

  • New: fnCellRender now passed the TR element and the data index for the row.
  • Fix: Issues with flash buttons and IE due to the change in 2.1.0 which updated the flash element to be inside the button tags. In IE this results in the mouse[up|down] and click events being ignored (although double click does appear to get through), but the mouse[over|out] events do get registered - most frustrating. This is only a problem in IE with buttons, no other browser appears to have this issue, nor does IE show it using divs - however, buttons are the right tags to use here, so I've gone for a middle ground - in IE (user agent detected - sorry :-( - can't see a better way of doing it) the buttons are actually
    s while in other browsers
  • Fix: Firefox also has the same problem with an embed element in BUTTONs as IE - changing the default tag to be an A tag (div might be better for backwards compatibility with old TableTools CSS, but it is semantically meaningless).
  • Fix: When deselecting rows, check that the row exists still when passing it back to the select event dispatcher (can happen when deleting the rows).
  • Fix: bSelectedOnly was failing after the update to how the selection is done - this addresses the issue and tidies the logic up a good bit. It also allows this option to work correctly with deferred rendering, as the rest of the selection options do now.
  • Fix: Remove Flash border in Firefox
  • Fix: Correct number of arguments for event callback functions 'addCallbacks' - merge pull request 14.