TableTools 2.1.0

DataTables CDN files for TableTools 2.1.0. This software was originally released on 6th June, 2012.

Release notes

It has been a while since the last significant update to TableTools - but TableTools is playing and increasingly important part in the DataTables suite, and that role will become increasingly important in future. This is effectively an interim release, including new goodies such as complete control of the tags and classes used by TableTools, smaller code size and a Twitter Bootstrap integration example (along with a few fixes and other minor improvements). v3 of TableTools is on the roadmap and will be focusing on improving the TableTools code base further and ensure the file size is as small as possible.

  • New: GitHub issue #2 - Add nicer styling on copy. The print view message has been generalised into fnInfo which will let any message be shown
  • New: The HTML tags that TableTools uses for buttons can now be specified using the oTags[...] options - the container, button and button liner elements can all be customised, allowing complete control over hte HTML. This is really useful for using UL/LI lists for the buttons if required by your styling.
  • New: Twitter bootstrap integration example
  • New: Full support for the :hover pseudo class, rather than using the postfixed "_hover" string. This makes hover styling much more intuative to web-developers. The downside to this (and why it wasn't done before) is that the :hover state doesn't propagate under the Flash movie in IE6/7. IE8+ and other browsers are file, and I think its time to move on from 6/7 - since the interface needed for them is so uninutative. TableTools will still work just fine in IE6/7, but the hover styling will not be shown.
  • New: fnPrint API method - programmatically control the print view. fnPrint accepts two optional parameters - the first, a boolean, tells the funciton if it show show or hide the print view, and the second is a configuration object for the print view - matching the button.
  • New: Classes override - all classes that are used by TableTools are now contained in the TableTools.classes object and thus can be overriden as required. The jQuery UI support is continued by having a classes_themeroller object which contains the required overrides - very much like how DataTables works.
  • Update: Drop the 'print' button type, replacing it with a text button where the print function is called from fnClick - this uses the new API method since it is public.
  • Update: Tidy up the end event handler for the print function
  • Update: Add the Bootstrap example link into the examples
  • Update: Smaller code size - use a base button defination and extend that for each button, allowing TableTools to be a good bit smaller
  • Update: The Flash movie is now a child of the button element - again moving on from IE6/7 allows this change, and makes everything much more sensible.
  • Update: Use instanceof to check that new instance is created
  • Update: Styling improvements for the button collections
  • Fix: Flash buttons weren't sized correctly in the collections due to a change in 2.0.3 - 9503
  • Fix: Collection button shouldn't have a border on it
  • Fix - examples: Code change for the path as well
  • Fix - examples: SWF path was wrong on include