TableTools 2.0.3

DataTables CDN files for TableTools 2.0.3. This software was originally released on 15th April, 2012.

Release notes

Although this is a minor release of TableTools, you will notice a visible change - the button styles have been updated to look a lot cleaner! By default now the export buttons do not have icons assigned to them, but the CSS required for this is in the CSS source file and simply needs to be commented back in if you do want them. The CSS as a whole has been reworked to be more readable and easier to modify (adding an 'inset' to the box-shadow used, for example, can provide a great effect).

The other major change is the file name change from 'cvs' to 'csv' in the SWF file names - this was a typo in previous released :-(.

  • Update: Update the styling of the default buttons to be a good deal more attractive. The images from the export buttons are gone, but can easily be commented back in.
  • Fix: SWF file name should be csv not cvs - 9150
  • Fix: It is possible that a table could be destroyed before the Flash is ready for attachment - so need to take that into account - 8800
  • Fix: When Using TableTools on a page which already has ZeroClipboard on it we need to make sure we use our TableTools version - so the ZeroClipboard object here is now called ZeroClipboard_TableTools
  • Fix: Update the row select styles to use the new table.dataTable selector to give them priority over the odd/even classes
  • Fix: When a collection is created insert the submenu into the DOM. When the menu is hidden it is just set to display none, but before clicking the collection we'd have no way of getting the collection menu.
  • Fix: When there is no footer present TableTools tried to include it in the output anyway. No JS error, just incorrect row count
  • Fix: Use arrays to gather the data from the table rather than string concatenation - massively faster in IE6/7
  • Fix: When bSelectedOnly was false (as it is by default), then no rows were copied - it should be all of them - 8357