TableTools 1.1.3

DataTables CDN files for TableTools 1.1.3. This software was originally released on 2nd March, 2010.

Release notes

A small, but very welcome, update to TableTools this. Two bugs (including a very obvious calculation error in the alert() for the number of rows copied to clipboard!) and a few new features. You now have the ability to enable or disabled inclusion of the Byte Order Mark (BOM for both the CSV and XLS files created by TableTools (TableToolsInit.oBom.bCsv and TableToolsInit.oBom.bXsl). Also IMG tags are now replaced with their ALT tags, rather than simply being removed, thanks to a patch by Loic Bistuer.

  • New: Ability to set if the BOM should be included for XLS and / or CSV export
  • New: IMG tags are now replaced by their ALT attribute rather than just stripping them out. Thanks to Loic Bistuer for this feature
  • New: Now compiled with the free mxmlc compiler (don't need a Flash license now :-) )
  • Fixed: The alert which notes the number of rows copied was always one less than it should have been.
  • Fixed: Printing feature didn't interact well with DataTables pagination. Would start are current page start, rather than table start