TableTools 1.1.0

DataTables CDN files for TableTools 1.1.0. This software was originally released on 21st January, 2010.

Release notes

The big news in this release of TableTools is the support for Unicode when exporting to Excel or CSV. The Excel files are now written in UTF-16LE, while the CSV files are UTF-8. Also of note is the removal of the (approximately) 64K limit to saving data - a work around for the limitations of the Javascript / Flash bridge has been implemented to address this. Other than that, it's mainly bug fixes.

  • New: Unicode support!
  • New: Excel output is now saved as UTF-16LE, which allows unicode to work. CSV output is saved as UTF-8. The BOM is included in both cases.
  • New: Information in hidden columns (bVisible:false) can now be included in the exported data by setting the TableToolsInit.bIncHiddenColumns parameter
  • New: Data is automatically trimmed when exported (csv, xsl or clipboard). This is done to account for white space which is often present in HTML tables
  • New: Ability to save files larger than 64KiB. There is a limitation in the Javascript / Flash bridge, which has been worked around in this release for large data sets.
  • Fixed: Demo now notes that TableToolsInit.sSwfPath might need to be set by the developer
  • Fixed: Type issue when used with server-side processing, Ajax or aaData sources.
  • Fixed: Strip invalid characters from the titles. Note it's fairly brutal when detailing with ACSII characters. This is the ensure maximum compatibility.
  • Fixed: The csv export doesn't account for existing commas in the table cells. Now use a field boundary for CSV (default is a single quote '), which is read from TableToolsInit.sCsvBoundary
  • Fixed: Passes JSLint
  • Fixed: HTML entities are now decoded (for example '&' will come out as '&' in the exported file and clipboard now)
  • Known limitation: Note that due to limitations in Javascript engines it would appear that this support is limited to the "Basic Multilingual Plane"