StateRestore 1.1.0

DataTables CDN files for StateRestore 1.1.0. This software was originally released on 12th January, 2022.

Release notes

Our first big update of StateRestore and it addresses a number of issues found since release as well as adding new features based on community feedback - thank you!


  • Add a title to the state button that contains the identifier for the state
  • Add example for predefined SearchPanes states and update docs
  • Event stateRestore-change that is triggered whenever a state is added, removed, renamed or updated
  • Add example to show how button text can be changed to include the number of states.
  • Add success callback to stateRestore.ajax so that SR only performs actions when the ajax call is determined to be succesful
  • Add close button to SR modals like buttons popovers now do
  • Allow the StateRestore State split dropdown buttons to be customised / added to


  • Save the table id alongside the state so that states can be reloaded into the correct table. For states that existed prior to this release, they will be loaded into all staterestore instances on a page.
  • Fix issue with saving existing state
  • Fix the basic ajax example so there is no longer an error
  • Fix issue with custom splitSecondary buttons blocking the creation of new states
  • Fix issue with states still being added to the dropdown if the callback is not called.
  • Stop state split buttons being manipulated by other states
  • Fix issues with states being incorrectly identified as active/inactive
  • Stop the stateRestore-change event from firing twice when a state is created
  • Stop paging not being restored when SP filters are also removed by that state
  • Make activeStates initialise staterestore if it has not been already
  • Stop activeStates() throwing an error occasionally when no states have been saved