Select 2.0.0

DataTables CDN files for Select 2.0.0. This software was originally released on 15th February, 2024.

Release notes

This is a major update to the Select extension for DataTables. It makes full use of the DataTables 2 data type APIs to introduce a new checkbox row selection renderer, in part to help accessability, but also to allow more consistent styling in an application.

Select 2 is not compatible with DataTables 1.x, it requires DataTables 2+ due to the use of the new APIs.


  • Requires DataTables 2
  • Row selection via keyboard with checkbox mode
  • Real checkboxes for row selection through a new renderer
  • Column ordering is automatically handled by the select renderer. A new example demonstrates this.
  • A checkbox is added to the header when using the checkbox renderer, to summarise current checked state, and allow a select / deselect all action.
  • aria-label attribute values can be set for the checkboxes used in table row selection and the select all header checkbox.
  • select.headerCheckbox option which can be used to disable the new header checkbox.


  • Legacy select-checkbox class now uses only :before pseudo element rather than :before and :after. The styling is still the same, but it frees up the :after for other use (FixedColumns new shading specifically).


  • Background colour for column and cell selection wasn't matching the row selection.
  • Remove use of $.inArray and replace with native function


  • No implicit any would result in errors
  • Plug-in was on the wrong DataTables host object (type)


  • Consistent code formatting for code snippets


  • Consistent code formatting for examples