Select 1.3.2

DataTables CDN files for Select 1.3.2. This software was originally released on 9th March, 2021.

Release notes

It has been a surprisingly long time since the last release of Select! This release addresses a number of issues that have come to light since then, adds TypeScript typings, Bootstrap 5 support, and Bulma styling support.


  • New: Bulma support and example
  • New: Bootstrap 5 support
  • New: Add typing file to source repo


  • Fix: Change check mark from heavy check mark to regular check mark
  • Fix: columnVisible was missing when using cells().select() in the select event handler
  • Fix: Remove use of deprecated $.trim
  • Fix: When rows are deselected via the API, the last user click point should be "forgotten" to allow range select clicking to operate like it does after initialisation.
  • Fix: For the preXhr listener, only operate on our host DataTable
  • Fix: Missing documentation for select.toggleable()
  • Fix: Using as a getter would fail
  • Fix: Alignment of the checkbox for select was wrong in Boostrap 4 and Semantic UI tables
  • Fix: Rows were not being deselected when the table was being destroyed
  • Fix: Incorrect "margin-top" property under compact mode.