SearchPanes 1.3.0

DataTables CDN files for SearchPanes 1.3.0. This software was originally released on 4th June, 2021.

Release notes

A large number of changes in this release to address known issues and also introduce full typing support in our distribution packages, Bulma and Bootstrap 5 styling support.


  • Add Bulma integration for SearchPanes
  • Add BS5 integration
  • Add docs for SearchPanes buttons
  • Add proper typings so that distribution packages can make use of them
  • Deprecate the hideCount option and replace with viewCount
  • Per instance i18n options
  • Support for DataTables 2 (in development)
  • New API option resizePanes() which resizes the panes to fit the container appropriately.
  • searchPanes.i18n.emptyMessage parameter which replaces searchPanes.emptyMessage (still supported for backwards compat) for consistency


  • Update the language options from language.searchPanes.* to searchPanes.i18n.*
  • searchPanes.layout now has an auto option which allows SearchPanes to fit the panes to the space available
  • Rewrite CSS to be simpiler to maintain


  • Fixed issue with viewTotal and cascade conflicting behaviour with other searching mechanisms
  • Make cursor not-allowed for disabled buttons
  • Remove outline from focused button when disabled
  • change replaceAll for a global replace to maintain support for ie11
  • Clear all button is disabled when there are no options selected
  • Rotate search icon to the more common oritentation
  • Add padding when using BS styling when SP used in a button
  • Improve styling for bulma when SP used in dropdown
  • Realised an issue with the previous fix for null values and SSP
  • Add second parameter when dealing with null values and SSP
  • Fixed issue with statesave and SSP not updating table after 2 reloads
  • Make sure that the empty message is aligned in the center of the SP container
  • Fix issue with empty message not being removed with ajax reload
  • Fix issue with Clear buttons not activating appropriately
  • Stop SP running cascade when the paging is updated due to xhr
  • Fix issue with cascade and ajax reload not populating panes correctly
  • Fix issue with viewTotal not maintaining selections
  • Fix SP issue with replacing & quot; and filtering on that
  • Fix issue with find calls not identifying classes correctly and also enabling the clear button at the appropriate time
  • Stop HTML being included in the SearchPanes search box results
  • Fix to allow for filtering on < and >
  • Fix issue when selecting all options in a pane and then deselecting a single option
  • Further fixes for viewTotal and cascade when identifying external filters that are being applied
  • Change disabled pointer to just the default rather than not allowed