SearchPanes 1.1.0

DataTables CDN files for SearchPanes 1.1.0. This software was originally released on 11th May, 2020.

Release notes

This release of SearchPanes brings support for sever-side processing to the software! This makes it suitable for use with massive (millions) of rows in a dataset. Do note that it requires support from the server-side processing script. The Editor 1.9.3+ libraries have this support built in, and the communication protocol is fully documented if you want to create your own scripts. The demo SSP PHP class does not support server-side processing with SearchPanes.

This release also brings a number of fixes and performance enhancements to the table. It's a big release!


  • Server-side processing support. Works with the Editor 1.9.3 PHP, NodeJS and .NET libraries (not the demo SSP script).
  • Added searchPanes.order to allow customisation of the order of panes
  • Allow the SearchPanes Button to display the count in its text.

Added option to customise the order of the panes.


  • Fixed issue with rendering arrays into the panes and sorting
  • Changed behaviour for layout so that the top row is only split when it is too narrow, not dependent on class
  • Fixed issues with search and order not being maintained with state save
  • Triggering search after rebuild pane in case the selections have been removed
  • Fix for viewTotal and cascade interaction with state save. It was buggy on initial load.
  • Fix to bring maintainSelection back into use within the rebuildPane function
  • Small css changed to fix popover alignment issue
  • Fixed error when using jQuery.noConflict()
  • Fixed an issue with redrawing last pane on reload.
  • Fix for long headers to now use an ellipsis on overflow.
  • Fix to deal with child rows and SearchPanes duplicating panes in parent table.
  • Fix to deal with ajax reloads and updating bins
  • Couple of modifications to make the layout more responsive
  • Fixed issue with z-index and positioning of SearchPanes button dropdown.
  • Updated so that the unique ratio now takes arrays into account.
  • Speed improvement. Moved Listeners into a function so that we can insure that they are only set once.
  • Fixed issue with clearAll button not working if no panes initially present
  • Speed improvement for when searching.
  • Fixed issue with checked column and SearchPanes.
  • Fixed error message that was occurring with SearchPanes using Buttons