SearchBuilder 1.5.0

DataTables CDN files for SearchBuilder 1.5.0. This software was originally released on 4th July, 2023.

Release notes

This release introduces dark mode support (DataTables and Bootstrap 5.3 styling). A couple of bug fixes are also included.


  • New: Dark mode support for DataTables and Bootstrap 5.3+ styling (a05244a).


  • Fix: Add support for getting translations from DataTables' i18n() method for date filters (47c2c15).
  • Fix: Clear All button not readded after using a rebuild({}) (c8fb78a).
  • Fix: Correct type inheritance for styling packages (4a2dcf6).
  • Fix: Third element in condition row could have a slightly different size than the other elements Dev fix: Dark mode wasn't having an effect on the dropdowns (599b5f2).