SearchBuilder 1.1.0

DataTables CDN files for SearchBuilder 1.1.0. This software was originally released on 4th June, 2021.

Release notes

The major change in this release of SearchBuilder is that it no longer bundles the DateTime library internally. It is an external resource and should be loaded in as a dependency. If you are using the download builder, this means selecting the DateTime library as well (assuming you want to search on date values). This also brings in Luxon support for SearchBuilder.

Aside from that Bootstrap 5 and Bulma styling support is added along with a number of styling tweaks. A number of bugs have also been addressed.


  • Datetime is no longer directly embedded in SB, now must be included externally
  • Add Bulma integration for SearchBuilder
  • Add BS5 integration to SB
  • Add typings so that SB can be integrated properly with package hosting
  • Add option for input elements to only trigger a search when the enter key is pressed.
  • Add option to set custom titles for use in SB


  • Docs for SearchBuilder Button
  • Allow SB title to be html not just text
  • Add undefined check for button fix
  • Fix issue with misaligned elements when using a button and stateSave
  • Check array elements for null rather than array itself when replacing characters
  • Fix wrong condition in sort function
  • Add sorting for the select element for array types
  • Fix issue with getDetails trying to run when SB is not initialised
  • Bring moment and luxon i18n strings under the date banner
  • Fixed issue with decimal character being replaced in string column types
  • Further fix for replacing decimal and thousands characters in getDetails
  • Fix integration issue with different language options for decimal and thousands characters.
  • Fix for SB to cope with different font sizes
  • Fix for IOS and empty/not empty conditions
  • Fix issue with filtering on html columns
  • Stop error message with null values
  • Fix issue with render function and new lines
  • Fix for memory leak relating to editor changes
  • Make sure that SB is loading columns.searchBuilder.orthogonal when using stateSave.
  • Stop SB removing all listeners for draw event on dt
  • Fix funny behaviour with SB reselecting a value when adding a new condition
  • Fix issue with select options not rendering special characters such as < etc.
  • Fix issue with null values and equals condition
  • Make SB popover for button 100% width of table
  • Make searchbuilder honour the searchDelay option