SearchBuilder 1.0.1

DataTables CDN files for SearchBuilder 1.0.1. This software was originally released on 1st December, 2020.

Release notes

This release of SearchBuilder addresses the rough edges that have been found since its initial release. 26 fixes including support for IE11 are addressed, along with new support for orthogonal data from DataTables.

  • New: New language option for the joiner between two input elements, i.e. the and in between conditions
  • New: Add Documentation for SB condition name language options
  • New: Added support for arrays using orthogonal data
  • New: Added example for orthogonal data with SB. Also one or two improvements to docs and code in this area.

  • Fix: Fix issue with logic button not resizing when responsive elements are in place

  • Fix: Add check to make sure the replace method does not run on numbers when replacing new lines
  • Fix: Fixed issue with SB and new lines
  • Fix: Make sure that SB is using orthogonal data to populate select elements
  • Fix: Fix issue with null values in SearchBuilder throwing an error
  • Fix: SB now deals with columns with types that include the custom decimal place character
  • Fix: Fixed dead link in docs due to typo
  • Fix: Fixed further issue with numfmt and between
  • Fix: Fix to make num-fmt comparisons work with negative numbers
  • Fix: Fixed issue with String.EndsWith returning false positivies
  • Fix: Remove HTML from the display label, regardless of the detected type
  • Fix: Fix for firefox to show the placeholder in the select element
  • Fix: Fixed conditions appearing in the wrong order, they are now defined in the order we desire
  • Fix: Fix issue with the value fields still having a coloured border with grey scale enabled
  • Fix: Fix so that greyscale now shows with styling libraries
  • Fix: Fix to make sure that the indent button is not present if we don't want it to be
  • Fix: Made the order of the conditions better so that they now follow some kind of order
  • Fix: Fixed issue with buttons losing event listeners
  • Fix: Fixed Issue with logic buttons not resizing when they should
  • Fix: Set a max width for the select input elements
  • Fix: Condition option labels are now translatable
  • Fix: Remove the check for $.fn.dataTable.moment when using moment- data types
  • Fix: IE11 does not like string.includes, so using indexOf instead
  • Fix: Again for IE11, Remove Map from code as IE11 doesn't cope with this
  • Fix: Harmoising buttons styling with DataTables'
  • Fix: Allow strings to be translated per SearchBuilder instance