Scroller 2.3.0

DataTables CDN files for Scroller 2.3.0. This software was originally released on 3rd November, 2023.

Release notes

A number of fixes and preparation for DataTables 2 in this release! The key fixes address compatibility with KeyTable and server-side processing (needs KeyTable 2.11.0). Also of note is that Scroller now uses DataTables own processing indicator rather than it's own, so scroller.loadingIndicator no longer does anything if specified.

  • New: DataTables 2 compatibility (for when DataTables 2 is released!).
  • New: Scroller makes use of the DataTables processing indicator, rather than defining its own.

  • Update - docs and examples: Consistent code style

  • Fix: The table information now updates live while virtual scrolling

  • Fix: Better integration with KeyTable when server-side processing is enabled
  • Fix - typescript: Explicit void return type for new constructor
  • Fix - typescript: Plug-in was on the wrong DataTables host object (type)

  • Removed: scroller.loadingIndicator - use will not throw an error, just nothing will happen. Removed as Scroller now uses DataTables' own built in processing indicator.