Scroller 2.0.0

DataTables CDN files for Scroller 2.0.0. This software was originally released on 8th March, 2019.

Release notes

This is the second major release of Scroller and although it doesn't bring significant differences, it does address a number of issues with how 1.5 was structured, particularly the algorithm used for virtual scrolling.

The changes aren't all under the hood though, Scroller will now show a label for the row number when using the scroll bar to scroll through the table.

Note also that the option to initialise Scroller through the dom option (with the S feature) has been removed, and scroller should be used instead.


  • New: Label for the row number to be displayed when using the mouse to click and drag the scrollbar. This can provide a quick overview to the target point when you need to scroll large data sets. This is only really useful for tens of thousands or more rows. (86ffc8d).


  • Updated: Make the top and bottom of the scrolling area, when virtual scrolling, linear for a better interface (58f0bbc).
  • Updated: Using dts as the namespace for CSS in keeping with the other DataTables extensions (8c2815c).


  • Fix: Rewrite the non-linear scrolling to use a more simple and correct linear method. The scrollbar as a whole (when the data set is large enough) is still non-linear, but only has two gradients now. (c267b2a).
  • Fix: Compatibility issue with jQuery 1.x when scrollCollapse is used and the window forces the browser to scroll horizontally. (30d4ac4).
  • Fix: Support for xhtml pages (3520ef6).
  • Fix: Attempt to use the original row for row height calculations if there is only one row in the table. (dc27203).
  • Fix: Scrolling wasn't operating correctly when doing a simple mouse wheel scroll on a table that was large enough to use virtual positioning (2f55821).
  • Fix: Get initialisation defaults for internal storage properties. (72cdaf6).
  • Fix: Don't reset scroll position when table is redrawn with "full-hold" (f90ce66).


  • Removed: Can no longer initialise Scroller using the S option in dom. Use scroller instead. (28f7554).