Scroller 1.4.1

DataTables CDN files for Scroller 1.4.1. This software was originally released on 11th February, 2016.

Release notes

A bug fix release of Scroller that focuses in particular on the initialisation of Scroller.

One new feature is introduced - which gives details about the paging state of the scrolling table (thanks c-f for this feature).


  • New: API to get start and end visible row display indexes in a Scroller table.


  • Fix: init event can only happen once for a table, so listen only once on init to prevent child tables triggering it again from their bubble event.
  • Fix: White background for even rows is only required for Bootstrap styling
  • Fix: If the table is hidden when initialised, insert the table used to calculate the row height into the body which is visible. The downside to this is if the row height has been defined by CSS to a specific height for the target table and that isn't picked up by the inserted tbale, but that is a relatively unusual case. In the majority of cases when the table is hidden this will make the initialisation easier.
  • Fix: Improve initialisation by making the row height measurement upfront
  • Fix: Don't display length menu for a scroller table
  • Fix: If using div.dataTables_wrapper { display: none } in CSS the row height calculation would always be 0
  • Fix: Don't set the page length to NaN if the row height can't be calculated. The display won't be correct, but it is still better than making an invalid request to the server if server-side processing is enabled.


  • Fix - example: Incorrect property linked to from server-side processing example's description
  • Fix - example: Use row().scrollTo() method to display a row in the API example