Scroller 1.1.0

DataTables CDN files for Scroller 1.1.0. This software was originally released on 21st June, 2012.

Release notes

Since its introduction, Scroller has proven to be very useful for rendering large data sets with the minimum of overhead on the client-side due to its virtual scrolling implementation. This v1.1 release of Scroller focuses on improving the experience for the end user, as well as addressing a number of bugs found in the 1.0.x series. Specifically Scroller now pre-buffers a much larger number of rows for scrolling, reducing the number of redraws required - and you can control this explicitly with the new "displayBuffer" parameter. Also in v1.1 is better support for iOS devices, in particular showing a "Loading" message if the user scrolls past the current buffer - which can also be useful when using Scroller with server-side processing.

  • New - init option: displayBuffer - Allows the developer to specify the amount of row buffering that is used by Scroller. THe old default was 3, but this can now be dynamically set and is now defult 9 giving a smoother display on mobile devices.
  • New - init option: boundaryScale - Inform Scroller where it should go and get new records when it passes the fetch boundary points (the default is 0.5, and you probably just want to keep it as this, but it is available if needed!).
  • New - init option: loadingIndicator - Tell Scroller if it should show the loading text in the background or not
  • New: Scroller will show a "Loading..." element behind the table, telling the end user what is going on, if they are using, for example, a mobile device
  • Updated: Requirement on DataTables 1.9
  • Updated: Change Scroller.js name to dataTables.scroller.js to be consistent with other DataTables extras
  • Updated: Attached Scroller to $.fn.dataTable.Scroller - again to be consistent with other DataTables extras
  • Fix: Based on pull request #5 this change makes the automatic row height calculation a better approximation of the row height that is used in DataTables, since we apply more closely aligned markup - specifically adding the scrolling div elements, incase they have styles attached to them. Also using outerHeight rather than the inner-height (height()) to account for padding etc.
  • Fix: use sScrollBody class name from options rather than hard-coding. From pull request #7.
  • Fix: Manually passed in row heights were not being correctly used due to a settings variable being incorrectly set - 10131
  • Fix: Scroller would redraw the table incorrectly after a sort or a filter has reset the paging display - use the bFiltered and bSorted flags to stop that from occuring
  • Fix: Update state saving for DataTables 1.9
  • Fix - docs: Examples had error in the initialisation - missing comma
  • Fix - docs: Documentation was somewhat broken - 9549
  • Fix - docs: Documentaiton should refer to 1.9 rather than 1.8 due to the requirement change