Scroller 1.0.1

DataTables CDN files for Scroller 1.0.1. This software was originally released on 18th November, 2011.

Release notes

Its about time we had a Scroller release! There have been a number of little issues fixed in the 1.0.1 version that had been causing a couple of small problems in the first release. So this release is mainly a bug fix version, but there are two significant changes with mentioning - firstly the Scroller object is now attached to the DataTables' settings object as "oScroller", so you can access it by doing fnSettings().oScroller, for easier access and consistency with other plug-ins. Also there is now an fnMeasure API method which will cause Scroller to redo its calculations and redraw the table based on these new calculations.

  • New: Add fnMeasure API method which can be used to cause Scroller to recalculate the sizes it uses for drawing calculations. This is useful if the table is created in a hidden element (such as a tab) which can throw off the sizes. Simply call this new method when the table is made visible to have it recalculate the sizes and redraw the table correctly. Also useful if changing the y-scroll size dynamically.
  • Fix: Without the if the plugin assumes that info part of the table has been enabled. If info is disabled n will be undefined and referencing n.length will throw an error.
  • Fix: There was a mix of tabs and spaces in some of the jsdoc comments...
  • Fix: Improve row height calculation
  • Fix: Use wrapper div in _fnCalcRowHeight()
  • Fix: Don't try to update the information element if the info feature is disabled in DataTables.
  • Fix: Wrong row count display if fewer rows than the display can hold
  • Fix: If the number of rows currently being displayed is fewer than the current area could display, then display the count as the total displayed.
  • Fix: The top row can't be less than 0. Add a check to enforce this - 5311
  • Fix: Attach the Scroller instance to the table's settings object, and not the jQuery object. Doing it the old way meant that you could initalise only one table at a time and not use the object retreival options of DataTables. Get the settings using fnSettings as normal. Examples updated. NOTE - this is an API change to fix this bug - the method of getting the Scroller instance has changed.