Responsive 2.3.0

DataTables CDN files for Responsive 2.3.0. This software was originally released on 12th May, 2022.

Release notes

Improvements to consistency in the Responsive class options and general fixes.


  • Add dtr-hidden class to columns which are hidden by Responsive


  • Alias none and all to have an optional dtr- prefix, to make it clear that they are responsive properties
  • Migrating to Fomantic-UI, which is a maintained fork of Semantic-UI, which is no longer being developed
  • Examples: Clarify how breakpoints work - they are independent of each other


  • Bootstrap 5 with table-bordered wasn't showing a right border when no columns where hidden
  • Support DataTables 2's column-calc event to tell it when we are hiding columns, otherwise responsive tables can see misalignment.
  • Don't require Bootstrap 5 modal JS if not using a modal display
  • Docs: Consistency of use for dtr-control as the class name for the control column