Responsive 2.2.4

DataTables CDN files for Responsive 2.2.4. This software was originally released on 11th May, 2020.

Release notes

While a patch release, this contains a number of bug fixes, including address the issue with the first column being hidden by responsive (e.g. collapsing from the left) where the show / hide icon would have been hidden.


  • Update - CSS: Responsive control icon is now vertical align middle to the cell it is shown in. This works much better for tables which have mixed single and multiline content
  • Updated: columns.className is now added to the li / tr element for the column when it is collapsed down by Responsive


  • Fix: Semantic UI modal would only show the first time
  • Fix: Control column disable no longer uses :first-child, allow the first column to be hidden, while the control icon is still shown in the visible first column. This is done through a class name (dtr-control) which is dynamically updated on the cells as needed
  • Fix: Responsive tables were collapsing too early in Firefox
  • Fix: Remove use of deprecated $().blur()
  • Fix: Bootstrap 4 with table-sm looked a bit rubbish when collapsed
  • Fix: DataTables not redrawn after column reordering
  • Fix: columns().responsiveHidden() and friends would incorrectly report that a column hidden by DataTables was hidden by Responsive.
  • Fix: Calculate window width without the scrollbar (i.e. use only the drawn section of the viewport)
  • Fix: Example and documentation for disabling the end user's ability to disable the show / hide action was incomplete and partly wrong.
  • Fix - styling: Semantic UI example would use Semantic UI's own collapse method for tablets / mobile
  • Fix - example: Clarify columns.responsivePriority has a default value of 10000 and that higher numbers are lower priority