Responsive 2.2.2

DataTables CDN files for Responsive 2.2.2. This software was originally released on 13th June, 2018.

Release notes

A bug fix release of Responsive that primarily addresses compatibility with other DataTables extensions and addresses a column width calculation error for hidden columns.


  • New: DataTables styling integration file for easier npm package use (consistent with the other styling packages)


  • Fix: Integration with Scroller. The minimum width of the columns was not being calculated correctly as Scroller uses position: absolute on the table.
  • Fix: Dynamic column visibility wouldn't update the Responsive display.
  • Fix: When using the target option as a number, if used with hidden columns in a DataTable, the tabIndex for keyboard access could be added to the incorrect column
  • Fix: DataTables hidden columns were incorrectly being interprited as Responsive hidden columns, thus showing the show / hide control when it wasn't needed.
  • Fix: Columns which are not visible (via the DataTables API) should not be counted as part of the width for the responsive calculations