Responsive 2.2.1

DataTables CDN files for Responsive 2.2.1. This software was originally released on 8th December, 2017.

Release notes

This release of Responsive addresses a few performance and compatibility issues found since 2.2.0 was released. It also introduces a new column().responsiveHidden() method which can be used to determine if a column has been hidden by Responsive or not.



  • Fix: Remove min-width from column header cells, to allow full compatibility with FixedHeader
  • Fix: Missing documentation for responsive.hasHidden()
  • Fix: After Ajax data load, resize columns for the new data
  • Fix: Performance issue with tables that contain a large number of columns and columns are being hidden or shown by the DataTables API. Note that this change means that Responsive now requires DataTables 1.10.10 or newer due to use the use of an event parameter that was introduced in that version.
  • Fix: Don't redraw the table to update the colspan when no records shown - doing so can cause issues with state saving and a double Ajax request when server-side processing is enabled
  • Fix - example: Use built in tableAll renderer for the modal example rather than a custom renderer