Responsive 2.2.0

DataTables CDN files for Responsive 2.2.0. This software was originally released on 12th September, 2017.

Release notes

While this is primarily a bug fix release of Responsive, it does add one new prototype feature (feedback is very welcome please): by default Responsive will copy the contents of cells for the responsive information display - there is now a new renderer called listHiddenNodes which will actually move the DOM elements around, including event handlers that are assigned to them. This is still a prototype, but I think ready for wider feedback.


  • New: listHiddenNodes rendering option which reuses the nodes from the DataTables cells, rather than cloning the contents and making new nodes. It does have a little bit of a performance penatly, but it can make the display of complex controls inside a cell and a responsive display much easier, since you don't need to rebind event listeners.


  • Fix: Styling compatibility with RowGroup extension
  • Fix: Expand control icon misalignment when used with SemanticUI and the compact class
  • Fix: Redraw the table if resizing causes column viability to change when there is no data to show in the table.
  • Fix: Bootstrap 4 integration - title and close box were shown the wrong way around
  • Fix - example: Bootstrap 4 example should load Bootstrap 4 JS
  • Fix: Do not inherit ul.dtr-details li styles
  • Fix: li including bootstrap components in .child inherit all ul.dtr-details li styles.