Responsive 2.1.0

DataTables CDN files for Responsive 2.1.0. This software was originally released on 19th May, 2016.

Release notes

This release is primarily to address known issues in Responsive, however, there is also one important new feature resulting in the 2.1 version bump - Responsive now has two built in rendering functions and more can be added as required. One renderer is the ul/li default from 2.0 (and remains the default), while the other will show all information from the row in a table - particularly useful for modals.

Bootstrap 4 and Semantic UI integration are also present in this release.


  • New: Built in renderer to display all column properties in a table. This can be access using the new $.fn.dataTable.Responsive.renderer object which will contain all renderers, including the default listHidden.
  • New: Semantic UI integration for Responsive
  • New: Bootstrap 4 integration and example for Responsive


  • Update: reducing size of show / hide button slightly to make it less imposing


  • Fix: Create and reuse a single Bootstrap modal only for Bootstrap styled modal usage
  • Fix: Remove top border of table in Bootstrap modal
  • Fix: Control column could be passed into the rendering function
  • Fix: Immediate show display was not working
  • Fix: Radio checked state lost when _resizeAuto run
  • Fix: Footer elements were not being used for the column width calculation.
  • Fix: Need to recalculate column sizes when columns are adjusted - this is in case the table was initially hidden (in a tab for example)