Responsive 2.0.1

DataTables CDN files for Responsive 2.0.1. This software was originally released on 20th January, 2016.

Release notes

This release of Responsive is all about addressing issues that have been found since the major 2.0.0 release late last year. Primarily the issues relate to improving the decision making process for when columns should be shown and hidden, but there also also a number of other issues addressed.

Just one new feature which is to add the responsive-resize event (thanks zepernick for the patch) which is emitted when Responsive shows / hides columns.


  • New responsive-resize which is triggered when columns are shown or collapsed by Responsive.


  • Fix: IE8 compatibility. Child rows couldn't be shown.
  • Fix: th cells should behave in the same way in the table body as td cells do (i.e. activate the details display)
  • Fix: When columns.adjust() is triggers, Responsive should recalc its columns
  • Fix: On init, if Responsive hid columns, it was possible that the column width distribution might look really poor since the hidden columns would have been taken into account for the calculated widths.
  • Fix: Allow selection of text in the column with the inline responsive control
  • Fix: Modal display would loose its header if displayed while a page resize changing the column visibility
  • Fix: Performance on iOS could be poor due to the resize event being triggered during a scroll
  • Fix: Column selection type prevents text selection.
  • Fix: responsive.details when given as boolean false would result in an error.
  • Fix: Inline editing with Editor could cause the wrong column to be edited if the never class was used on a column due to incorrect indexing. To resolve the column index has been added to the information object for each column given to the renderer.
  • Fix: Recalculate column sizes after Ajax data has been loaded
  • Fix: Details could be shown for a table that isn't collapsed if it uses a control column
  • Fix: Listen for preInit to initialise Responsive - allowing it to work correctly with scrolling in DataTables
  • Fix: Priority was not being read from data-priority column header attributes
  • Fix: Columns which had text-align:center would cause the child row control to be rendered incorrectly.