Responsive 1.0.5

DataTables CDN files for Responsive 1.0.5. This software was originally released on 1st April, 2015.

Release notes

This is a maintenance release of Responsive that addresses a number of different issues primarily relating to performance and calculation of the columns to be displayed.

The one new feature added is support for the compact styling available in the DataTables default stylesheet. An example is included of this.


  • New: Support for the compact styling of DataTables' default stylesheet
  • New: Add license file to the package for clarity of license (MIT)
  • New - example: Responsive with scrolling


  • Update: Name of readme file for consistency with other DataTables extensions


  • Fix: Limit the initialisation event handlers to listen only for DataTables emitted events
  • Fix: If a column had the class never it would still cause the table to show in its collapsed state if it were the only column hidden, even although it can never be shown.
  • Fix: Do initial resize once all setup is complete
  • Fix: Set the collapsed class on the table node before the column-visibility event is triggered.
  • Fix: Column width calculation wasn't taking the footer into account
  • Fix: CSS should apply directly to the responsive table only
  • Fix: Content in child rows wasn't being allowed to wrap
  • Fix: Scrolling tables didn't have the scrollbar width taken into account
  • Fix: Slow performance on large tables due to the redraw looping over all rows, not just those on the visible page.
  • Fix docs: Incorrect link to documentation
  • Fix examples: Incorrect data point for age column