Responsive 1.0.4

DataTables CDN files for Responsive 1.0.4. This software was originally released on 10th February, 2015.

Release notes

This latest version of Responsive addresses a couple of issues, particularly one that was noticeable when used with Bootstrap. Only one new method has been added, responsive.rebuild(), which provides the ability to recalculate column breakpoint visibility after the control classes have been updated externally.


  • New: responsive.rebuild() method that will rebuild the class logic based on the latest classes assigned to the table column header cells.
  • New - example: FixedHeader and Responsive example


  • Fix: Column width calculation wasn't acurate as the header cells weren't being correctly wrapped in a tr element. This was particularly noticable in Bootstrap where the styling is such that padding wasn't being added to the cells
  • Fix: If there is no title text for a column don't show the colon in the collapsed information
  • Fix: The responsive.recalc() method was not returning an API instance - it should have been!
  • Fix - docs: Incorrect link to DataTables options list