Responsive 1.0.2

DataTables CDN files for Responsive 1.0.2. This software was originally released on 6th October, 2014.

Release notes

This is a bug fix release of Responsive that addresses all known issues with the software and introduces a couple of new features. These are:

  • A new never class for column. This is similar to the existing none class, but a never column will not be shown in the child row details or the table, while a none column will be shown in the child row details.
  • The option to set a default for Responsive through the $.fn.dataTable.defaults object (e.g. $.fn.dataTable.defaults.responsive = true;). This will be extended to be common to all DataTables extensions in future, but currently only Responsive has this ability.


  • New: responsive.index() method that will give a cell-selector from an li element that is passed in
  • New: Ability to set defaults using $.fn.dataTable.defaults for responsive
  • New: never class option to hide the content from both the table columns and the child row display


  • Update: The default renderer now uses the 'display' data for a cell


  • Fix: There must be at least one column shown in the table
  • Fix: new constructor method wasn't working when an API instance was passed in
  • Fix: Update how the number of hidden elements are calculated to use the attribute value from DataTables rather than calculating the value with jQuery
  • Fix: Add IE8 support
  • Fix: Don't show expansion image when filtered to no records
  • Fix: When no rows are in the table, Responsive triggers a JS error