KeyTable 2.4.0

DataTables CDN files for KeyTable 2.4.0. This software was originally released on 13th June, 2018.

Release notes

This version of KeyTable introduces copy and paste support for individual cells when focused on them. Full integration of this feature with Editor can provide a more "Excel like" interface. Other changes include using an inset box shadow for focus highlighting (better browser support) and a number of minor fixes.


  • New: Clipboard support (copy and paste) with Editor integration.
  • New: Styling integration files for easier npm package use (consistent with the other styling packages)


  • Fix: KeyTable now uses box-shadow (inset) to create the focus ring (the highlight that shows which element currently has focus) rather than offset. box-shadow is more consistent in its styling across browsers and styling frameworks.
  • Fix: Don't activate Editor when a control key is pressed
  • Fix: If trying to focus on an API instance's cell reference which doesn't exist, don't throw an error. Just don't focus
  • Fix: Integration with Editor 1.7 (which uses keyup for return key listening)
  • Fix: Allow alt-gr key presses to be used, as they can be used for accented characters
  • Fix: Do not activate paging when scrolling is enabled
  • Fix: Destroy wasn't correctly removing bound events (causing a memory leak)