KeyTable 2.2.0

DataTables CDN files for KeyTable 2.2.0. This software was originally released on 6th December, 2016.

Release notes

This release of KeyTable sees a change in how KeyTable focuses cells when the DataTables' displayed page is changed. Previously the old cell would remain focused, even although it is no longer visible, while now it will focus on the same relative position on the new page.

There are also a number of buy fixes that address various issues found since the last release.


  • New: When using client-side processing the focus will retain its relative position in the table (e.g. if cell 1,1 is focused and you jump to page 2, the visible cell 1,1 will gain focus), instead of the original cell retaining focus. This makes navigation much easier as the focus remains on screen. This behaviour now matches how KeyTable operated with server-side processing.
  • New - example: Showing keys.blurable being used


  • Fix: Focus was lost when using the DataTables paging controls - it should be retained.
  • Fix: Using paging buttons with server-side processing would result in a Javascript error if jumping to a page where the matching relative row doesn't exist.
  • Fix: KeyTable error when using page down and paging to a page with less rows and server-side processing enabled.
  • Fix: Ignore keys that are pressed while waiting for the table to draw
  • Fix: Editor integration - don't activate inline editing when the shift key alone is pressed. Pressing shift and then a key will still start inline editing and enter the character typed.
  • Fix: Home key wouldn't correctly select the first focusable cell in the table if it wasn't in the first column.
  • Fix - docs: Remove typo