KeyTable 1.1.7

DataTables CDN files for KeyTable 1.1.7. This software was originally released on 16th January, 2012.

Release notes

It has been a long time since the last KeyTable update (well over a year!) and this release brings a number of welcome bug fixes. No major new features (just adding a class to the focused cell), the main focus on stability.

  • New: Add the focus class to the TR element as well as the TD to allow quick visual identification of the row the focused cell is on. Use tr.focus {...} to do this. Thanks to Paul Hickman for this new feature.
  • Updated: Use the same copyright license as DataTables - changing from LGPL to GPLv2 and/or BSD 3 point style. Add links to the license files - 3481
  • Updated: jEditable code handling for jEditable 1.7.1 - 3724
  • Fix: When we focus we want to capture the key events again - otherwise we can blur, then set focus and not get key movement
  • Fix: esc events could throw an error since x/y coordinates weren't being set.
  • Fix: Use live events for cell click-to-focus
  • Fix: DataTables y-scrolling wasn't being correctly picked up due to a typo - thanks Brent!
  • Fix: DataTables 1.7 scrolling could cause the page to scroll incorrectly, due to a calculation not taking into account the scrolling offset that is introduced by DataTables.
  • Fix: Add KeyTable class automatically if a table node is given without the class