FixedHeader 3.1.4

DataTables CDN files for FixedHeader 3.1.4. This software was originally released on 13th June, 2018.

Release notes

Bug fix release for FixedHeader that addresses a few compatibility issues with IE and other DataTables extensions.


  • New: Styling integration files for easier npm package use (consistent with the other styling packages)


  • Fix: Introducing a small throttle to the resize adjustment for the FixedHeader to ensure that the recalculation takes place once the rest of the window has redrawn. Also cuts down on the redraw calculations slightly to improve performance.
  • Fix: Update positioning automatically when used with Responsive and Responsive shows/hides child rows
  • Fix: Improve accessibility - use aria-hidden for the floating table part to ensure that it doesn't cause confusion for screen readers
  • Fix: If the table is destroyed while an item was floating, that item would be left in the document
  • Fix: When used with column filtering in the table header, IE would retain focus on the element, but key presses wouldn't do anything. This resolves that by initially blurring the element and then refocusing.