FixedHeader 3.1.1

DataTables CDN files for FixedHeader 3.1.1. This software was originally released on 11th February, 2016.

Release notes

A bug fix release for FixedHeader with particular focus on improving compatibility with other DataTables extensions, notably Responsive.


  • Fix: If enabled in the defaults, FixedHeader could not then be disabled via the fixedHeader option.
  • Fix: Column widths were not being correctly cleared from the floating element (due to the use of min-width) which resulting in poor layout
  • Fix: Unsize needs to be called when the loading element is removed from the DOM
  • Fix: Resize the header/footer when the DataTables column-sizing event is triggered
  • Fix: Slight performance improvement if both th and td elements are used in the header
  • Fix: Correct DOM ordering for the thead and tbody elements in the table. This effects the Bootstrap styling which is DOM order dependent.


  • New example: Column visibility buttons
  • Update: Update ColReorder integration example to use colReorder