FixedHeader 2.1.0

DataTables CDN files for FixedHeader 2.1.0. This software was originally released on 28th January, 2014.

Release notes

This release of FixedHeader is part of the harmonisation of the DataTables extensions, with the aim to provide common file names, directory structure and access / initialisation of the additional software. It has been a while since the last release of FixedHeader, so this release also contains a number of fixes.

Important This release also removes IE6/7 support from FixedHeader. Supporting browsers which don't have position:fixed support was taking too much code for the market share that they represent. Additionally, this release removes FixedHeader's ability to work on a non-DataTable HTML table. This is just a DataTables extension for simplicity now.


  • New: License updated to MIT license
  • New: Integration with DataTables 1.10 and ColReorder 1.1
  • New: File name updated to be consistent with the other DataTables extensions
  • New: AMD module support. FixedHeader is now registered as an named AMD module under the name datatables-fixedheader
  • New: bower support - under the name datatables-fixedheader
  • New: Readme file
  • New: CSS file provided - just one rule but it is common to FixedHeader tables
  • New: Add support for fixing more than one column on the left or right. Thanks to Geoffrey D. Bennett
  • New: cloneOnDraw parameter - when set to false the fixed elements are not cloned on redraw. This is useful for working with a header that is input elements (filtering) in it for example. Ultimately this needs to be expanded to offer this option for each side individually, since we might still want to up-to-date the side columns
  • New: alwaysCloneTop initialisation option - default false. This property allows you to control what happens on a redraw of the header - by default now FixedHeader will simply copy classes, rather than taking a full clone. This makes working with extra elements, such as filtering controls in the header, much easier. Setting to 'true' will allow the old behaviour of always cloning the header on each draw.


  • Removed: Removed the ability to operate on a plain HTML table - this is specific a DataTables extension now
  • Removed: Remove support for IE6/7.


  • Fix: IE has a sub-pixel rendering issue with the row heights which causes the rows to go out of alignment. The fix is to add a pixel to the measured height - it means the height is slightly more than it should be, but I don't really see another option. Equally, I've used the appName as detection since any feature detection would be fairly heavy of the DOM, injecting multiple rows and finding if there is a height difference.
  • Fix: Tidy up the height application function to be much faster.
  • Fix: When TD elements were used in a fixed footer, a Javascript error would occur.
  • Fix: Add checks for $.browser before using it.
  • Fix: THEAD and TFOOT elements were not having their row heights matched like the TBODY was - 10436
  • Fix: Need to set the width of the cloned table as well at the parent div since there might be a resize involved from the original cloned table width.
  • Fix: The loop which was trying to set the width of the columns, was doing so at the same time as reading the widths - this was messing up the table a fair bit. This change causes FixedHeaders to first read the sizes and then set them.
  • Fix: In DataTables 1.9, when clicked on, the headers receive focus - need to blur that.
  • Fix - #3: Put the draw callback at the start of the array so it runs last. DataTables is going to need a prioeirty system for this eventually, this addresses the issue for now.