FixedHeader 2.0.6

DataTables CDN files for FixedHeader 2.0.6. This software was originally released on 15th April, 2012.

Release notes

A minor update to FixedHeader, but brings with it two new features: 1. the ability to specify a top offset for where the fixed header should become fixed - useful for when working with position:fixed elements, a la Twitter Bootstrap, and 2. the ability to work with multiple TBODY elements (note that this applied to FixedHeader's use without DataTables, since DataTables doesn't not itself currently support multiple TBODY elements.

  • New: offsetTop initialisation option that will cause the fixed header to be locked into position by the number of pixels given by this option. Useful for working with Bootstrap where the toolbar is always floating at the top of the page
  • New: Handle tables with multiple tbody elements
  • Fix: Calculating the scrolling position termination logic was inverted - corrected here
  • Fix: When working with multiple row headers FixedHeaders was removing TH cells where it shouldn't have been resulting in column misalignment
  • Fix: Like all other DataTables plug-ins FixedHeader should carry a version string
  • Fix - examples: for some bonkers reason the examples were all trying to pull in the TableTools stylesheet, which really isn't needed...