FixedHeader 2.0.5

DataTables CDN files for FixedHeader 2.0.5. This software was originally released on 16th January, 2012.

Release notes

Small update to FixedHeader - this release introduces a new API method called fnPosition, which is very similar to the existing fnUpdate, but it will only reposition the fixed elements, rather than recloning them. Great for when moving the table about in the DOM. Also a few small bug fixes and the license updated to the same as DataTables.

  • New: Store the instance of FixedHeader into the variable '_oPluginFixedHeader' on the DataTables object instance for access by other plug-ins (specifically ColReorder).
  • New: fnPosition API method which allows the fixed elements to have their position updated, without needing to update all elements as fnUpdate does
  • Updated: Use the same copyright license as DataTables - changing from LGPL to GPLv2 and/or BSD 3 point style. Add links to the license files - 3481
  • Fix: Allow the header width calculations to resize more than just one TR - do all of them. The indexes match so no problem
  • Fix: Remove any margin applied to the table since we are going to position absolutely anyway
  • Fix: Mix between DOM and jQuery methods for setting the width of the table elements - just use jQuery like the other parts.
  • Fix: Left and right columns had an incorrect reference to 'that.dom' which was causing a Javascript error
  • Fix: Remove the ID attribute from cloned tables