FixedHeader 2.0.0

DataTables CDN files for FixedHeader 2.0.0. This software was originally released on 21st January, 2010.

Release notes

A complete re-write of FixedHeader which gives not only new features, but also a significant performance boast. You can now 'fix' the header, the footer, the left most column and the right most column (each independently)! Have a look at this example all fixed sides for what this update can do. Also of note is that FixedHeader will now work as a standalone piece of software, as well as integrating with DataTables. A number of other improvements have gone in as well, see the release notes for details.

  • New: Massive changes - basically a complete re-write
  • New: Ability to fix the header, the footer, the left most column and right most column! Each can be enabled or disabled independently
  • New: Five more examples to show how FixedHeader can be customised now
  • New: Much more efficient in terms of Javascript processing == smoother display
  • New: Multiple tables can have FixedHeader applied to them
  • New: FixedHeader can be applied to standard HTML tables as well as DataTables (i.e. DataTables is optional)
  • New: Now requires DataTables 1.6.x
  • New: Support multi-column sorting (shift-click)