FixedColumns 5.0.0

DataTables CDN files for FixedColumns 5.0.0. This software was originally released on 15th February, 2024.

Release notes

This is a signifiant update to FixedColumns which brings support for multi-row and complex headers and footers. There is also a new visual "shadow" to highlight the fixed columns to the end user. It also moves towards the start and end terminology (rather than left and right) to better support right-to-left languages, although the old naming is also supported.

FixedColumns 5+ is not compatible with DataTables 1.x, it requires DataTables 2+ due to the use of the new APIs.


  • Requires DataTables 2+
  • Support for multi-row and complex headers and footers
  • Shadow to highlight fixed column(s) and visually delineate them from the non-fixed column
  • Full support for right-to-left languages
  • fixedColumns.start and fixedColumns.end to fix columns regardless of text direction
  • fixedColumns().start() and fixedColumns().end() getter and setters for the new options



  • Border integration for the styling frameworks improved
  • Bootstrap bordered table had a double left border
  • Consistent coding style for docs and examples
  • Scroll fix to start / end when using KeyTable
  • When KeyTable is focused on the start or end column, it will now fix the scrolling to the matching terminus so you can see the immediately adjacent non-fixed cells.