FixedColumns 3.2.1

DataTables CDN files for FixedColumns 3.2.1. This software was originally released on 11th February, 2016.

Release notes

A minor update for FixedColumns that addresses compatibility issues with the Select extension for DataTables and also right-to-left layouts among other bug fixes.

Note in particular that fixedColumns().rowIndex() and fixedColumns().cellIndex() and now deprecated - with the new selector abilities in DataTables they are no longer required. They are not yet scheduled for remove.


  • New: Full support for Select, shown with the use of two new examples. Please note that this requires DataTables 1.10.11 and Select 1.1.1 or newer.


  • Fix: Scrolling due to a click and drag in the fixed columns would result in misalignment of the fixed columns relative to the body
  • Fix: Support for rtl layout for FixedColumns
  • Fix: Workaround for Firefox bug 292284- scrollbars not being shown when they should resulting in column misalignment.
  • Fix: Columns could be misaligned after paging if the column widths change (they don't always, but can)



  • New - example: Demonstration of the cell() selector method being used with the cells in the fixed column.
  • Fix - example: Column filtering example wasn't working