FixedColumns 2.0.3

DataTables CDN files for FixedColumns 2.0.3. This software was originally released on 15th April, 2012.

Release notes

Bug fix release for FixedColumns, nothing too exiting, unless you had hit one of the bugs noted in the release notes below!

  • Fix: Change to how the column widths are matched - apply the width from the DataTable calculation equally to both the header and body. Overcomes cross browser issues with width and outerWidth
  • Fix: Column width matching should use outerWidth
  • Fix: the column width could be applied incorrectly when using multiple fixed columns - the problem was that although the clone had a thead element in it, there were no cells in it - hence the browser was getting confused that the body had two columns while the header had none and it would pick to spread the column widths equally. The fix is to put the header cells in, just like how DataTables does it
  • Fix: When the header (or footer) has multiple rows in it, or col/rowspan, the class copy could copy to the wrong cell - 2815 - the fix is to use the DataTables detect header function and get a layout array with 1:1 mapping between the fixed column and the real DataTable and the copy the classes across.
  • Example - fix: Column indexes were updating the visible column in the table, where as we only want to update the first column data index (i.e. the hidden column that is it he fixed column) - 8499