FixedColumns 2.0.0

DataTables CDN files for FixedColumns 2.0.0. This software was originally released on 6th April, 2011.

Release notes

I'm very pleased to be able to release a big upgrade to FixedColumns - now version 2.0! This is a very exciting release for two reasons - firstly it is a very significant upgrade to FixedColumns itself, with many enhancements and improvements, but also because of the documentation! Perhaps not the most exciting thing in the world for many, but for developers good and accessible documentation is paramount to making software integration easier. As such I've sent a good bit of time creating the documentation for FixedColumns 2, and I plan to use it as a future template for all DataTables related software. Feedback is very welcome!

With regard to FixedColumns itself, this is effectively a rewrite of how it works with focus on speed and flexibility. It will no longer 'stutter' in some bowers due to the new layout method used. It is also now possible to set the row height matching method, which can greatly effect the speed of the draw (using CSS height for example is very fast) and there is more control over the fixed column widths - particularly when resizing the browser window.


  • New: FixedColumns 2.0
  • New: Uses 3x3 grid layout for smooth scrolling
  • New: Much faster row height matching by default
  • New: Must improved documentation
  • New: iLeftWidth (and its right counterpart) can be used to set the width of the columns explicitly
  • New: Ability to set the row height matching method using sHeightMatch.
  • New: Callback function is available to let you know when FixedColumns has redrawn, so the DOM can be manipulated: fnDrawCallback