FixedColumns 1.1.0

DataTables CDN files for FixedColumns 1.1.0. This software was originally released on 20th February, 2011.

Release notes

This is a fairly large update to FixedColumns with a number of new options and enhancements. The first to look at is the ability to fix in place columns on the right hand side of the table (for example this might be used for CRUD controls). One or more right hand columns can now be fixed in place, and this can be used in tandem with the existing left hand fixing. The other major change is the the scrolling is now much smoother when using only one of x or y scrolling (work is progressing an improvements for using both together!). A number of new examples are also available and lots more! Full release notes below.

  • New: Support rowspan for FixedColumns. Added example showing this running
  • New: When Y-scrolling is not used in DataTables (i.e. X scrolling only) then we can position the floating columns differently, meaning their position doesn't need to be updated while scrolling. The upshot of this is that scrolling is smooth in Firefox and IE.
  • New: Ability to fix right hand columns in place (using the iRightColumns parameter). Like the left hand columns parameter, you can fix one or more columns to the right handside of the table, giving the ability to give some fairly cool tables!
  • New: fnUpdate method which can be used to update the table headers and footers - this is no longer done automatically on every draw.
  • New: Example (col_filter.html) showing individual column filtering
  • New: Support for multiple rows in the THEAD and TFOOT elements. Like ColReorder and DataTables, this option does NOT support COLSPAN and ROWSPAN, however, can give some very nice effects, like that showing in the column filter example.
  • Optimisation: Much faster drawing by making the assumption that height is the only part of outerHeight which will vary for row heights (i.e. the margin and padding on elements is all the same).
  • Optimisation: When drawing both left and right columns only calculate the height of the row once
  • Updated: The initialisation parameter 'columns' is changed to 'iColumns' for consistency with the rest of hte DataTables suite. Note that 'columns' is still accepted for backwards compatibility and will continue to work as before.
  • Updated: New examples for the right hand column fixing
  • Updated: Target release version now 1.1.0
  • Updated: In order to preserve information that might be shown in a header is not needlessly "killed". A good example is event handlers which are attached to the elements in the cloned elements. The sizes are still correctly set on every draw, and fnUpdate is provided for if you do want to reclone the header.
  • Fix: Copy classes from the original element to the new when not doing a full clone on the header / footer
  • Fix: Visible code match running code
  • Fix: Height was not being correctly copied to the cloned header / footer as a result of the change to allow multiple TR elements in these nodes. It is now.