FixedColumns 1.0.1

DataTables CDN files for FixedColumns 1.0.1. This software was originally released on 18th October, 2010.

Release notes

Single the original release of FixedColumns, there has been a lot of discussions in the forums about a few issues with it, and how it could be improved. This release is a result of those discussions, bug fixes and new features - thanks to everyone for their contributions! A minor version update, but it represents a good step forward for the ColVis plug-in. Enjoy.

  • New: Support for more complex headers. The fixed columns must still be unique (i.e. no colspan), but it is now possible to have multiple rows in the header (again, the fixed columns must rowspan the header. Also aplies to the footer. For example the following HTML is valid:Rendering engineBrowserMachineCSS gradePlatform(s)Engine version
  • Fixed: When the table has no records in it, don't put in a fixed body column
  • Fixed: Issue with IE and the height of the header / footer elements (noted when using rowspan - 2815). Need to apply the height of the table to the TR element, and not the cell or the table.
  • Fixed: Issue with IE not being able to get the border width from jQuery's css query. Now use jQuery to get the inner and outer hight and substract the two.
  • Fixed: Border width wasn't being included in the box model "fix" needed for some browsers, which could result in misalignment.
  • Fixed: Firefox was having issues with the header and footer heights. Apply the height to the table rather than the cell now.
  • Fixed: Table rows which have a height greater than that of the fixed column are now copied across to the fixed table in order to maintain the presentation. This needs to take into account the behaviour of the various browsers, so appologies for the browser detection code.
  • Fixed: Oops - accidentally committed debug html
  • Fixed: Same IE6 issue as before, just on the footer this time. The scolling element would overflow.
  • Fixed: Issue with IE6 where having overflow: hidden and position: relative appears to not work. Fortunatly we can just apply the position relative to the parent. Also in this commit is comments out code for setting the height of the cells - although this doesn't work in Firefox at the moment - hence the commented out...