ColReorder 2.0.0

DataTables CDN files for ColReorder 2.0.0. This software was originally released on 15th February, 2024.

Release notes

ColReorder is a complete rewrite of ColReorder, modernising the code base, making it much more flexible, and smaller! This latest release has full support for complex headers and footers in the DataTable, letting you move multiple columns at once if they were colspan'ed together!

ColReorder 2+ is not compatible with DataTables 1.x, it requires DataTables 2+ due to the use of the new APIs.


  • Requires DataTables 2+
  • colReorder.columns option to select which columns the end user can start and end reordering on.
  • columns-reordered event for when column reordering is done.
  • When scrolling (scrollX), the table will now auto scroll while dragging a column for reordering when near the extreme ends (start and end) of the table.


  • The drop parameter from column.reorder has been removed - no longer required.
  • colReorder.fixedColumnsLeft and colReorder.fixedColumnsRight - replaced with colReorder.columns which is much more flexible.
  • The colReorder.realtime option is no longer relevant and has now been removed.


  • Disallow document overflow-x when dragging a column header
  • formOriginal transpose option was not working correctly


  • new constructor returns instance, not void
  • Plug-in was on the wrong DataTables host object (type)


  • Update for Buttons as a "feature" in DataTables 2
  • Consistent formatting for example snippets


  • New example - Complex headers
  • Consistent formatting for example code