ColReorder 1.3.0

DataTables CDN files for ColReorder 1.3.0. This software was originally released on 8th November, 2015.

Release notes

This release of ColReorder focuses on improving its API to allow easier manipulation of a DataTable that has had its columns reorder (colReorder.transpose() for example will convert between original and current indexes).

Additionally, as with all other releases of DataTables and its extensions today, ColReorder now uses a CommonJS and AMD loader that is consistent with the other software in the package.

ColReorder is now available on NPM and Bower in distribution form, i.e. minified files and compiled CSS in the package, under the name Styling packages for the DataTables base style, Bootstrap, Foundation and jQuery UI are also available.


  • New: colReorder.transpose() method which will give you the current column index from the original.
  • New: colReorder.order() as a setter will now accept the order array as the current column indexes OR the original indexes through an optional parameter.
  • New: drop parameter in the column-reorder event to tell when the reorder action has been completed
  • New: When using CommonJS allow jQuery and the window object to be passed in
  • New: Compatibility with Responsive 2.0


  • Fix: Rework of AMD and CommonJS loaders to present a consistent require interface and naming for DataTables and all of its extensions
  • Fix: Ensure that the element being dragged will be visible by setting its z-index
  • Fix: Extend the default prototype rather than overwriting with a plain object
  • Fix: Don't trigger callback if no reordering has been performed